Why You Need UK Hosting Post-Brexit

Open a newspaper, turn on the TV or radio, even go out to meet some friends, and you are guaranteed to hear one subject being discussed: Brexit. The UK populace voted to leave the European Union some time ago, and while it has yet to happen, talks are underway to seal the deal and find the best way to get it done.

Of course, it’s a lengthy process, and whether you are a leave or remain voter, there are still many concerns regarding what will happen after we leave. The press has been full of horror stories about flights being cancelled, problems with leaving and re-entering the country, and even with some sports being affected, including horse racing, with Irish trainers perhaps unable to take their horses home after the Grand National next year!

However, there are some things that we really need to be thinking about; one area that will definitely be affected is that of data protection in the online world. Hosting of your website is also likely to be affected by a change in regulations following Brexit, so it is important to understand what may be different, and what you can do to make the change as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Data Protection Laws

One of the selling points of leaving the EU was the freedom UK citizens would have from EU bureaucracy and laws. There are some good and bad points to this. For example, earlier in 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – an EU regulation governing the export of data outside of the EU and increasing the safety of individuals rights to data protection online – came into being. The belief is among many that the UK, in the post-Brexit era, will not adhere to this regulation.

However, this is most likely to be far from the truth. It is expected that the UK government will either continue with the GDPR as it stands, or may introduce a refined version of its own – one that is perhaps even more stringent than that in place right now. What are the implications for you in the UK when this happens?

Well, as with many areas of the digital world, it is safe to say you will be much more secure with a UK hosting service than one that is either in the EU or elsewhere. Once we are no longer within the EU, we will be treated like other countries are with regard to restricting the flow of data and information to non-EU nations. The implications for users who are hosted on EU-based servers, for example, is quite clear – it will no longer be as efficient, or as secure, and certain information may not be permitted.

Of course, we should expect the UK government to ensure that data transfer is viable between us and countries within the EU, but there are still many potential pitfalls. It may be that they introduce a requirement that all UK data is kept in the UK; in this case, being with a UK hosting service – such as WalkerHosting, who are wholly UK-based – would make life a lot easier in terms of data protection requirements.

UK Hosting Secure and Affordable

Brexit has dominated the political arena in the UK for so long now that many people are no longer interested in it, to the point of apathy. For the UK hosting industry, however, and those who use it for the storage and transfer of their data, it has serious consequences, as seen above. So, why should you be looking at a UK hosting service, rather than one abroad?

There are some good reasons to use an overseas host; if you have a market in a certain country, it may be worth having a host there, too. But, after Brexit, it is difficult to see what the ultimate effect will be on data services within the UK in relation to working with EU countries.

This is not only so for UK-based companies, but also for those overseas. There are, however, some benefits that have come about thanks to the Brexit vote, especially for US businesses looking for hosting in the UK. Immediately after the vote to leave – and with a lasting effect – the British pound took a sharp dive.

Prior to the referendum, a pound was worth $1.48. At the time or writing, it stands at $1.30. Hence, a US company can now get much cheaper hosting – in relative terms – using a UK host than a domestic one. The downside is the same one we have mentioned: the uncertainty about what the UK government will do in terms of data protection regulations after Brexit goes ahead.

It has also been suggested that once Brexit is actioned, overseas – EU based – hosting services may become more expensive for UK businesses. Indeed, with Brexit cited as the main reason, Microsoft recently announced a 22% price increase in buying cloud services using the British pound. More moves like this could easily come about thanks to the uncertainty regarding future economics.

Future Uncertainty

It is fair to say that, as things stand, nobody is entirely sure what will happen after Brexit, and that applies in both data handling and general economic terms. Even the UK government, if you read the daily news, seems unable to make up its mind what the consequences will be.

What is certain is that businesses within the UK are often unsure as to where their data is held, and if they want it to be returned to the UK, neither are they certain it can be done without complications or expense.

The major economic impact that Brexit will undoubtedly have on the UK economy – one way or the other – is not something that should be taken lightly, and it may be prudent to switch your hosting to a UK hosting company, such as WalkerHosting, as soon as you can, in order to be prepared for the consequences in a safer and more secure situation than you may find yourself if you are hosted overseas.