Why a Dedicated Server is Better than Shared Hosting

Here’s the usual scenario that a business goes through when choosing a host for its website and other online procedures: a member of staff is given the job of checking through all the top service providers for the best option at the right price, and that’s that. You sign up, pay the fee, and you have your hosting sorted. This sort of deal will likely result in you being just one of many businesses using the same server – that’s the computer that handles all the traffic, in and out – which is fine if your usage is low and you are a smaller business.

This is called ‘shared hosting’ and is the most commonly used – and the cheapest – form of hosting. However, there is another form of hosting, which may be beneficial for certain users; a dedicated server hosting package is where you alone use a particular server. Who might want to use dedicated servers, as opposed to shared hosting? Let’s have a look.

When a Dedicated Server is For You

Firstly, when you take on a dedicated server, you are doing so because you need the full capacity of the server, and don’t want anyone else using up that capacity. Thus, those who need a dedicated server are companies that fit the following description:

  • Continually growing at a rapid rate
  • Frequently adding products, services and more
  • Need high-resolution images and a lot of quality video streaming content
  • Need a unique IP address for one of various reasons

And perhaps most importantly of all:

  • Your business handles sensitive information that requires the very best in security, which can only be assured by ensuring nobody else has access to the server that processes the information.

It is clear to see that the option of dedicated hosting is one that would be particularly interesting to a number of types of business, especially those that operate in the financial sector, and one of the guarantees you get with this form of hosting is extra speed.

Shared vs. Dedicated

There is one important factor to remember, and that is that dedicated hosting – because you will be the sole user of a server that could otherwise be shared by a number of users – will be more expensive than the standard shared server procedure. If you are a sole trader, for example, or a small company that is likely to remain static for the time being, then a shared deal will make more financial sense.

If you do want a dedicated server and need to talk to someone for more information there are many service providers who have excellent deals, such as WalkerHosting who are entirely UK based and provide a full range of online hosting packages, including both dedicated and shared server solutions.

It is certainly worth talking to the experts about the different packages and deals available, so get in touch now and make sure that you opt for the method of hosting that is best for your business right now.

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