One of our main support requests is unblocking IP’s. This can be for many reasons. The main reason is that of failed login attempts. Normally when your IP is blocked you would have to submit a ticket and wait for us to do it for you. not a lot of you know there is an easier way. You can do it yourself!!

We do have a knowledge base article on this, however, we have now created 2 Demo Videos to show you how easy it is.

You can view the knowledge base by clicking here 

Demo Video 1
This video shows you how the system unblocks your I

P by just logging into the control panel. This will only work if its your IP that is blocked. If it is one of our users/staff/developer than you would need to follow the guide in video 2

Demo Video 2
This video shows you how to unblock one of your users IP’s First you would need to have the IP that is blocked

If you still require assistance then please do let us know