So, you have bought your perfect domain name, and now you’re ready to get yourself known in the online world! There are a few things you need to do to make sure you get the best out of your online presence, so here goes:

Sort and Sync your Hosting

You’re starting a website, so you need a host. There are many great hosting companies out there to choose from, and you might find that your domain provider also offers hosting. This can be beneficial as it often comes at a discount.

It can also be much easier to sync your domain with your host if you use the same provider, but even so, it’s not difficult to perform the main requirements, which is to make sure your nameservers send people to your host and domain. The host provider will give you the steps to do this, so no need to worry!

Get a Specific E-mail Address

You want an email address that is relevant to your website, and your hosting provider will give you the option to set one up.

You’ll probably be directed to a control panel – they are pretty easy to use and there’s plenty of help around to get used to them – where you can sort out your email address easily.

You might even be able to set up more than one email address, useful if there are other potential users for your website, at no extra cost, so check this out with your provider.

Social Media Handles

Promotion by social media is one of the most lucrative and cheapest methods of getting your brand known these days, and if done well can be very effective. You want to try and secure relevant names that link to your brand – if not for immediate use then for the future – as this can be very useful.

With some brands it may be difficult getting an exact match, but that doesn’t stop you using a version or adding a bit on to make it more recognisable.

Plans for Your Website

Is your website for personal use, or for a business? Or are you perhaps opening an online store, or providing a news or information service?

Each of these requires a different approach so, before you actually begin to build your site, you need to plan it out very carefully.

Style is everything when it comes to a successful website, so make sure you know the direction you want to go.

Build Your Website

Finally, we reach this point: now you can go ahead and start building your website! Your hosting provider will most likely offer you a number of ways of building a site. Some are quite in-depth, others can be simple one-click launches that are great for fun sites that don’t need too much attention.

Whatever you are launching a website for, if you follow the above steps you will find it very easy to build a great site, with efficient hosting, and attract viewers in no time at all.