We have teamed up with Microsoft and Bing Ads to bring you some fantastic offers,

We had an option of choosing either Bing or Google, here are a few proof points that will explain why we feel Bing offers a great opportunity:

  • Bing powers searches on Amazon devices, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Xbox and more1
  • Bing has 977 million monthly searches1
  • Bing has 26% search market share1

We have also found that the Bing Ads platform continues to improve, and it’s easier than ever to import and automatically sync Google AdWords campaigns. For those of us running Google campaigns, this is a huge bonus.

So you can get £50 in free ads by using our link below. (you may have to disable your adblocker)

1comScore qSearch (custom), March 2017; includes PC searches on Bing, Yahoo Search (searches powered by Bing), and AOL Search Network