cPanel Price Hike – Important Information YOU Need to Know

Recently Oakley Capital, the owners of the alternative Plesk control panel system, purchased cPanel and in a shock announcement to the industry last week changed their pricing model from ‘per server’ to ‘per user’ with “immediate effect”. This has put the entire reseller industry in turmoil, as has been seen over Twitter and Industry discussion forums.

cPanel is the glue that holds over 21% of the reseller market together, giving incredibly easy management to complicated backend operations that even intermediate users can master.

With the change to ‘per user’ billing, the age of unlimited accounts on cPanel reseller packages has come to an end. To give you an idea, for just one of the Walker Hosting servers, the cost of the cPanel licence has just risen from $45 to $335 per month. That is over 740%!

At WalkerHosting we realise that many of our clients who appreciate using cPanel will be happy to absorb the cost, but over the next week we will be exploring all the options including alternative control panels, and discussing the situation with our big clients.

We will update you next week on our final solution. As always, our door is always open, and if you have any concerns, please just give us a call. You can also help by putting pressure on cPanel by tweeting them @cPanel.

Finally, I want to assure you that Walker Hosting is here to stay. We may well have to change the packages and pricing we offer, with cPanel being a premium option, but we are here for the long haul.

Kind regards

Dean Walker

Head Tea Maker, Walker Hosting