How many times are we reminded that backing up data is essential, yet we fail to do so as much as we should! It’s the same whether you are backing up your daily work or the data on your WordPress site, which would be a nightmare to lose!

That’s why a WordPress backup plugin is always a good idea. Of course, you most likely use your host’s regular backup solution, but there’s no harm in having an extra backup, right? Let’s check out the 5 best WordPress Backup plugins, and we’ll keep it short and sweet!


Having the cache of being created by a co-creator of WordPress itself, VaultPress is an excellent backup plugin designed to quickly back up your entire site, warts and all! Although you need a subscription to JetPack to use it, and it can be expensive, we reckon it’s worth looking at as it is a very effective and easy to use tool with many very clever features.


A long-established and tried and tested plugin, BackupBuddy is here as it guarantees you a reliable backup service that is used by many very satisfied customers. It’s simple and easy to use, and you can choose the schedule of your backups to suit – daily to monthly – and you can also have them sent to various platforms such as Dropbox, or emailed to your address. It’s not cheap, but it’s very good.


As you would expect some of these perform a very similar – if not identical – role, and UpdraftPlus is very much on a par with BackupBuddy in that it is a reliable, popular and long-standing all in one backup package. You can set your schedules as well as demand a backup on cue, and if you expand to the premium version you can also clone sites and migrate, which gives you even more versatility. Certainly one that is worth looking at, and it’s free if you don’t want the extras.


The reason BackWPUp is very popular, and it has been for some time, is that it is not only very simple to install, set up and use, but it comes as a free package. With the free version you are able to completely back up your WordPress site, and send it to cloud storage if you wish, and if you want to get the paid version, you get some excellent additional functions such as database optimization and repair which can be useful. The free version should be good for most users.


Unlike most of those listed, Duplicator is not strictly a backup tool, but thanks to its versatility it can be used for that purposes. This is because this free package allows you to perform a manual back up – no scheduling, it’s done on demand – so you can make sure you are covered whenever you need it. If you do want scheduled backups, the paid version can do that for you.

That’s five of the best WordPress backup plugins, many of which are free to use, so make sure you have your site suitably backed up at all times.