There’s a reason why WordPress is such a popular platform – it’s very good and simple to use – but what do you do if you want a more unusual theme?

Here’s our selection of the 10 best free WordPress themes, so you can make your site the one that stands out.


We start with one of the best; Hestia is very good, looks the part and is also responsive, and can be integrated with selling sites. It’s also very simple to use and is proving extremely popular.


This popular and very usable theme is another of the better ones on the market, is superbly flexible and can also be used with the WooCommerce platform if you are selling. Very easy to use, very neat and stylish.


Designed for use with online magazines, ColorMag is a very versatile theme that is easy to use and that has very impressive sorting capability, so you can write on various topics and have them delivered suitably. Worth a look, without a doubt, and very modern.


Simple yet very usable, Flash offers you the ability to enhance your site in a variety of ways, and can be extremely effective. You can even use it to showcase stats, and the colour selection function and multiple layout options are very neat indeed, so we recommend you check this one out closely.


Widely recommended for business use, OnePress has various clever options and can give you quite an advanced result for a free theme. We like the fact you can utilise Parallax scrolling in some areas of the package, and it is simple to set up and use. If you want to make a good impression, this could be the one.


Clean, simple and yet customizable in terms of colour selection and layout, Astrid majors on getting to the point straightaway and is a neat and usable package. It’s proving popular with creative businesses, and is able to enhance your presence and tell the visitor what you are about very quickly and cleanly.


One for the modern blogger, Amadeus offers a combination of very clean and neat presentation with customizable colour selection and more, as well as very smooth scrolling and handy SEO compatibility without any need for complexity. Very stylish, and very much of the moment.


Original, very bold and very stylish, Oblique is for those who want to stand out. It does things simply yet differently, is designed for impact, and the neat positioning of the slide-out menus is very clean and clever.


Sparkling is much-favoured by people in the technology field as it offers a very clean, supremely modern and extremely neat look that is easily customized and will suit many niches. It’s easy to use, clean and presentable, and stylish too.


If you want to make an impact that says ‘this blog is different’ we recommend you take a good look at Breviter. This free theme is very impressive when it comes to utilising images and other media, is easy to use and will be perfect for creative blogging.

That’s our choice of ten, so which is for you? They’re all free, so why not have a closer look and make your blog the one that looks great!